Christ the King Lutheran Church

Social Ministry

       Our Social ministries at Christ the King is evident in many ways from how we interact within our community to our place in the world at large. It is through our community involvement that we can make God visible to those in need in Goldendale. We strive to use our talents to create beautiful messages of love to the people who may be desperately seeking a word of grace and comfort. We take seriously our Christian promise to help those in need--to feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, clothe the naked, comfort the weary and outcast, welcome the stranger and be a loving neighbor to all the people of the earth.

       It is up to us to properly discern the will of God in the world.  Through prayer we can learn how to further God's work in the world.  Our understanding of our work for our neighbor as service to them is not done to earn justification or salvation from God.  It is instead our response to the freedom from having to earn our salvation. We are free to serve those in need because God has given us salvation.

We pray to hear God's Word. We pray for wisdom and insight. We pray for courage, we pray for compassion, and may God help us see that we often learn to be compassionate.  God is active in the world is revealed through the scriptures and through God’s people.

We partner with other community organizations in order to serve the community and provide a food pantry to bring food to those in our community who are hungry as well as to host classes to educate people about how they can cook nutritious meals using the food that is provided.  A clothing bank is housed at our church that offers further help to those children of God who find themselves in need of that assistance.

We also work within our Goldendale Ministerial Association to further Gods kingdom on earth regardless of denominational differences.  God is the Lord of all of the earth and all churches work together to serve the local community as well as people from other areas. We are strengthened by the ecumenical relationship that we have with the Christian fellowship that we share with the other churches in the community.  We are able to participate in programs offered by other churches and to have their congregations assist us in our ministries. An example is the 'hand up program' that is able to provide vouchers for food, gasoline or prescriptions for those who cannot afford these things on their own. In addition there is an emergency housing shelter that is operated by Our Father's House Fellowship church in Goldendale.

There is not a single way that provide service to the world or our community. Christ the King relies on prayerful discernment to understand how the Spirit can direct us to function as the body of Christ in the world.  Such as our annual Shrove Tuesday pancake feed that benefits the Backpacks For Kids program to provide school supplies for the community children at the start of the school year. 

While we do much to serve our local community we see ourselves as stewards of all of Gods creation as well.  Our global impact is seen in the many hundreds of quilts that are made by our quilters group to be shared with people in regional hospitals as well as throughout the world. 

We believe in the Triune God. God created and loves all of creation -- the earth and the seas and all of the world’s inhabitants. We believe that God's Son, Jesus Christ, transforms lives through His death on the cross and His new life, and we trust that God's Spirit is active in the world and that we are blessed with the ability to play a small role in sharing the Good News of God's love and grace with the world.