Christ the King Lutheran Church

Christian Education

    Christ the King Lutheran strives to remain grounded in the scriptures.  Luther emphasizes the importance of this when he writes  “Although [God] is present in all creatures, and I might find [God] in stone, in fire, in water, or even in a rope, for [God] certainly is there, yet [God] does not wish that I seek [God] there apart from the Word… for this reason [God] has set down for us a definite way to show us how and where to find [God] namely the Word.”


    Centering our community on scripture as the revelation of the Word keeps us from becoming a community of misdirected idolaters.  It is through the vigilant study of the scriptures that we are able to bring Christ into our hearts and be guided as a community to do God’s work in the world.


    In addition to our 10:00 Sunday worship we have a 9:00 adult bible study that is led by members of our congregation.  We also meet for a 'brown bag' bible study on Mondays at 12:00 where we meet for fellowship and bible study to look at the scriptures that will be included during the following weeks service. 


    Being centered on scripture includes not only the reading of the bible, but also the preached Word which becomes God’s living Word for us today, both convicting us of our sin and recreating us by the power of the Holy Spirit. Careful grounding in scripture helps to guide our objectives toward that which God seeks for the world. 


    Our women of the church regularly holds text studies that looks at books written that can offer insights into contemporary issues that we all face and through the reading and discussion helps to encourage faith development.  The women of the church regularly meet on the first Monday of the month at 1:30.


Our Sunday School program happens during our Sunday worship service.  The children join us for the beginning of our worship and then go to Sunday School after a brief children’s message following the prayer of the day. There are two groups; one for older children and one for younger children.  While our assembly is sharing the Peace with ach other the children return for the remainder of the worship service.


A Lutheran understanding is that we are both righteous and sinner at the same time.  Although we continue to sin; God always forgives us and restores us to a right relationship with God.  We are free to attempt to discern what God calls the community to do and to seek to spread the message of God’s loving kindness with a sometimes hostile world. 


God gives us a new life in which we can care for one another not as a way to earn Gods love, but as a way to honor that love which is freely given to us and to spread that love with a disbelieving world and we love to share the story of that Love through our study of God's revelation through the scriptures.  Anybody who would like to attend any of our studies is always welcome to do so.