Christ the King Lutheran Church

About Us

Text Box: Welcome to the Web site for
                        Christ the King Lutheran Church in Goldendale
                        It is our hope that through this site you will
                        learn about our 
congregation and its programs
                        and be encouraged to visit us in the near
                        future. We would enjoy meeting you. Christ the
                        King is a small congregation where it is
                        possible to get to know each other and develop
                        that “family” feeling about the
                        church; we are, however, large enough that it
                        does not become “too close” unless
                        you invite us to do so. 
We worship at 10:00 on
                        Sunday mornings. And we follow the Christian
                        liturgy that would be familiar to those who
                        worshiped in the church through many
We celebrate Holy Communion during
                        each service and as Christ welcomed all to come
                        to him during His earthly ministry all are
                        welcome to come to the table for the Sacrament
                        of Holy Communion. 
Our church has special
                        services from time to time to mark particular
                        seasons of the church year or special events in
                        the life of the church. In all cases, these
                        celebrations of worship are built around
                        traditional liturgy in both word and music and
                        appeals to a broad spectrum of worshipers. Our
                        Sunday School program is for children of all
                        ages and is done during the sermon time of our
                        worship. This allows for them to enjoy a fun and
                        biblically based program that is geared for
                        their age group while allowing their parents to
                        hear the Word of God proclaimed without having
                        to worry about their children getting bored.
                        also have an adult Sunday School on Sundays at
                        9:00 which covers a variety of subjects from
                        Bible and theology to current social issues. We
                        also enjoy a 'Brown bag' bible study on Mondays
                        at noon where we bring our lunches and have a
                        look at the readings for the following week.
                        This allows us to carry the scriptural message
                        with us for the entire week. 
The youth group at
                        Christ the King involves children from fifth
                        grade through high school in fun activities and
                        learning events. We meet on the first Sunday of
                        the month at 6:00 and have many activities
                        during the year including all night lock-ins,
                        sledding parties and many other fun ways to
                        build community and learn about the Gospel. In
                        addition to our support of the larger Lutheran
                        church in the U.S. and abroad, we also provide
                        support for local organizations that serve our
                        community, such as the Goldendale Food Bank and
                        Cornucopia clothing bank which serves Goldendale
                        and the surrounding community from our church.
                        The food bank is open Monday, Tuesday and
                        Thursday from 10:00-1:00 and the clothing bank
                        on Tuesdays from 10:00-1:00.